Hitler Finds Out McFly Album 6 Has Been Pushed Back Again

Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

We’ll have a son and we’ll give him a sister.


Love is on the radio - Mcfly [x]


Love Is On The Radio // McFly


Ladies and gentlemen, Dougie Poynter.

wish i could gif Love Is On The Radio, but i don’t have time ):

"Dougie’s my best mate. I looked after him when we started the band, because he was only 15. If we were at school together, his age might have stopped us from being close friends, but now I never think of Dougie as being two years younger than me.”


Love is on the radio music video.


I really can’t stay…


One big happy family!


"if you like a guy with no friends and no dress sense, i’m your man!”